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A Far Sea Moves In My Ear

This ongoing series of photographs explores the potency of the analog film medium to reveal the liquid properties of light through overexposure and rough processing.


As light destroys each shot in a fraction of a second, it creates abstract colour formations which are then further manipulated and distorted during the processing stage in the dark room. The recorded frame is partially or entirely blocked by the light burns to a unique degree depending on the exposure determining the photograph’s relationship with reality and its level of abstraction.

01 Kamchia, I Have Suffered the Atrocity of Sunsets_02 Now I am a Lake_03 There Are Fumes That I Cannot Touch_04 Presently Absent_05 Great Silence of Another Order_06 Is it the Sea You Hear in Me?_07 Borealis_08 You Flicker: I Cannot Touch You_09 Papery Feeling_10 I see Your Voice, There Was a Silence_11 Deinococcus–Thermus_12 From Our Opposite Continents We Wave and Call_13 Slipped Through Keyhole Portals_14 The Moon Also Is Merciless_15 A Far Sea Moves In My Ear_16 Journey to the Centre of An Eastern Womb_17 Browsing In Their Dirty Wool-Clouds_18 Your Bold Cry Took Its Place Among The Elements

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