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Veronika is a multimedia artist, architect and educator born in Varna, Bulgaria and currently based in Glasgow, UK. Her interest in exploring the intrinsic relationship between the spaces we inhabit and our bodies, the ways architecture and ourselves could coalesce through the medium of photography, painting and sculpture, and began at the Glasgow School of Art where she studied architecture. Her work often draws inspiration from the aesthetics of late Romanticism and its enquiry into the sublime through using the immersive and ethereal properties of mist and scent, and in photography, by employing the use of slow and double exposure, blurring and various other methods of image distortion, and focus on the ephemeral aspects of the human body in movement, nature and light. Similar methods are used in her paintings where series of materials with various transparencies are stitched and sewn together creating an almost architectural composition layered with ‘patina’ in the form of paint, wax and other methods of distortion of the surfaces. This creates a palimpsest of textures aiming to embrace and amplify the accidental or deliberate imperfections of the fabric surfaces with its deformations whilst reinforcing the narrational potency that the process of ageing might bring.  Parallel to her visual art practice, Veronika is currently a practicing architect at the Stallan-Brand Architecture + Design Studio which champions sustainable design and urban regeneration. She is also a design tutor at the Architecture Department of Strathclyde University.

Veronika’s recent shows include her solo exhibition at Punta Gallery & Posta Space in Sofia, BG titled ‘Nobody Can Give You What I Can Promise’ (2024); ‘A Fragile Correspondence’, Scotland + Venice Pavilion, Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy; Royal Scottish Academy of Art and Architecture 196th Annual Exhibition, Edinburgh (2023) where she received the RSA Gold Medal for Architecture; Danube Contemporary Biennale ‘Shapes and Personality’, Kunsthaus 7B, Sibiu, Romania where she represented Bulgaria (2022); ‘We break: Re-Create’ Co-Interest Tea House and Gallery, Shenzhen, China (2022).

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